Core Feminine Movement

The Felinity movement method is a philosophy that gives women permission to be women and encourages them to consciously MOVE their bodies.  It was created and is designed to give a woman a space to connect, celebrate and participate with herself – on the outside and on the inside – allowing for a mind/body connection through movement.

We’re  a community where practicing loving what is through mind/body movement is equally as important & also complimentary to achieving our other personal wellness goals through traditional forms of fitness and exercise.

We look forward to holding space & moving with you.

-Alyson Joy



Join today and be moved

Felinity Movement Method

Practice mindful movement

designed for women

all ages / levels welcome

Pole or just the mat movement

connect to your femininity


Felinity is under Transformation.

In the meantime…

Happy Winter Solstice & Stillness

Join the movement ~ and be moved.

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